Mains Water Test

If your water is supplied by a local city or county authority, your water would be classified as mains water. The quality of mains water around different parts of the country vary significantly. These can range from having boil water notices to limescale being present in the water.

There is also the very public issue of fluoride being present in the water supply. This issue is developing a lot of steam and its each persons personal view whether they are happy to consume water with fluoride present or test flouride in their water to make an informed view. We, as an independent laboratory, will certainly measure the fluoride concentration but not try to influence you on whether it is a good or bad thing.

Irish Water have also identified that lead may be present in the water supply coming from the pipework and fittings. You might want to do mains water testing for this.

The boil water notices that so often occur across the country show us that even though the water is coming from a public utility, it is not always to the level that consumers would expect nor want.

So, if you have any concerns about the quality of your water, we can analyse your mains water test sample and provide peace of mind that the water is of sufficient quality to consume for the parameters measured.